Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Journey of Love

This is related with one of our blog, actually this is my side of the story (Aj). Basically this is a timeline of our life like what's happening, what happened and what will happen in the future... this is so gonna be forever!! (so happy!)

The dates here are the important events in our life:

March 2007: Met in a dating site called Dateinasia. We started chatting a lil, exchanging emails once in a while since both of us have erratic work schedule, so it was like a hit and miss thing. But crazy as it may seem, I felt or rather we felt that there was an instant connection between us. I can say that until now we still have that weird thing going on between us... we are so much alike.. we think alike at almost the same time, we always joke about it that we are soul mates... :)

April-May 2007: Continued to communicate (chats, emails, phone calls)... a lil hinting/flirting here and there :) trying to get to know each other well...

June 6, 2007: Finally! after forever!! hehehe... someone got the courage to pop the question.. Scott asked me if I want to be his girlfriend (durh) of course I gave him my sweet yes. I really felt so happy at that time, felt like a teeners again, ya know.. butterflies in my tummy, blushing, sweaty hands and all...

Oct.29-Nov.6 2007: Yeah finally! This is d-day! after long months of waiting, we finally met in person. I was so excited to see him! I was in the airport waiting for him and I was like.. "is this for real?! am I really gonna meet and see this guy, my bf?! and so there he was, in his white shirt and shorts...smelling like an old Chinese ointment.. :) But i hugged him anyway and we kissed and it felt like this was just so right. Mind you, i had a froggy voice (so much for the first impression, huh!) I was sick and coughing like crazy all the time but that didn't stop us from having a great time. We spent time with my family and friends. We also went to Pueto Galera and stayed there for a few days. We took tons of pictures, some nice and some goofy, all unforgettable. It's so hard to say goodbye, our only saving grace is that we will meet again in a few months.

Feb 8-18 2007: He's back for the 2nd time but this time, this trip was kinda different, it was a lil sad on my part because i have to undergo surgery (doctors detected a cyst on my left ovary and had to remove it) but I'm also happy that I'll see my scootchie again but we have to cancel most of our plans. We just ended up in the hotel for the first few days then went to the hospital for my surgery, we stayed there for 4 days then after that we went to our place in Cavite for the rest of his stay. But altogether, I was really happy and thankful that he was here for me. I can say that beside my parents he was the source of my strength, he always made me feel good, always trying to make me laugh, when i probably shouldn't. He was there for me all the time, he never left my side even for a sec.., he always made sure everything is OK with me, always giving the nurses and the resident doctors a hard time if he thinks that what they are doing wasn't good enough.. (poor them). My mom was thankful too, he really was a big help for us, in all aspect esp. emotional aspect. He really is a great guy.. a God's gift to me and I will forever love him.

*Feb 9, 2007: His birthday. We went out to celebrate some and guess what happened?!......... he proposed..aaww.. well.. this time..I'm not gonna give the full details, I'll leave that part somewhat private for us.. :) He also talked to my parents and told them about our future plans and everything went well.. they gave us their blessings..

April 15-22 2007: Back again for the 3rd time.. weeeheeee!! This trip is different too, but in a nice sense. We didn't plan on anything in particular. We tried to play it by the ear. Which in short means we did nothing but enjoy each others company. Well, we planned on something... (too private to tell) *wink* *wink*

well.. that's it so far.. I'll update this blog from time to time so keep checking!! to be continued...oh and I'll let scott explain all the imigration stuff in another blog, till next time.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our LOVE...Our story...

Aj and I met on one of a dating site. It's a friendship and dating site that brings people together from all over the world. I had viewed her profile first and was on the process of sending her a message when she looked to see that I had visited her profile and didn't leave a message which I actually did and so she also sent me a message.I think our messages went out at the same time. She thought I visited her profile and just left. We laugh about this now thinking how silly we were and also when we read our old messages. As most of the couples, we also started out as friends, getting to know each other well. We were both somewhat shy and cautious asking questions about each other trying to get to know each other more. As our friendship grew, we both felt that we wanted more. We started looking for each other online and waiting for each other to get off to work just to chat (not minding the time difference). We both liked each other instantly, our fondness and love grew the more we chatted. After about 3 months of hinting with each other that we were interested with each one another, I finally made that nervous move to ask her for more than friendship.I remember at that time we talked on the phone my mouth was so dry and I was so nervous. But we both had feelings for each other and wanted to explore the possibilities. We decided that we would be a couple, we knew that we were falling in love with each other and decided that we would take the risk and would explore our love together. We both changed our profiles and didn't really chat there anymore, we chatted through yahoo messenger (day in-day out), emails and phone conversations (bloody phone bills).
At that time she was still working in China but her work contract was almost done and would be going home to the Philippines (August). We decided that we would wait until she got back home before we would meet each other in person. For both of us that was the longest few months of our life. I went to the Philippines to visit Aj last October 29,2007 for about 9 days leaving on November 6, 2007. We can say that it was the best day of our life, finally seeing each other at the airport for the first time, being able to hug and touch her. I remembered feeling a deep joy in my heart, that feeling is love. Aj though it was surreal, like almost unbelievable but it's really happening! for real! :) We spent time with her family(mom and dad), with some relatives and also with her college friends but we also got to spend some quality time with each other, getting to know each other well. We went to Puerto Galera and stayed there for a few days. It was the best time of our life!
Now we are talking, chatting, using emails, webcams, anything and everything just to be together. We just can't stand to be apart from each other. So we always try to make time for each other. We plan on getting married and have talked about this a lot in detail we can't wait to get married and start our life together....